Hands-on machine learning in R

Photo by b2blearning.eu

This three-day workshop introduces the essential concepts of building machine learning models with R. Throughout the workshop you will gain insights in the foundations of machine learning methods, including resampling methods, data preprocessing steps and the tuning of parameters. You will cover a variety of statistical and machine learning methods, ranging from GLMs, over tree-based machine learning methods to neural networks. You will acquire insights in the foundations of these methods, learn how to set-up the model building process, and focus on building a good understanding of the resulting model output and predictions.

Leaving this workshop, you should have a firm grasp of the working principles of a variety of machine learning methods and be able to explore their use in practical settings. Moreover, you should have acquired the fundamental insights to explore some other methods on your own.

Previous editions of the workshop were taught for Nationale Nederlanden (in company, February 2020) and the Actuarieel Instituut (online, December 2020 - January 2021).

Katrien Antonio
Katrien Antonio
professor in actuarial science and insurance analytics

I’m a professor in actuarial science who loves data science, programming and teaching.