Junior college financieel en actuarieel waarderen

Lecture targeting high school (college) students interested in purseing a degree in finance or actuarial science

Mortality modelling

Development of the IA|BE 2015 and IA|BE 2020 mortality projection models for the Belgian population

Reserving in non-life insurance

Development of methods to nowcast the number of IBNR claims and to estimate the RBNS reserve from fine-grained claims development data

Hands-on machine learning in R

Introducing the basics of machine learning in R covering machine learning foundations, GLMs, GAMs, regression trees, random forests, gradient boosting machines and neural networks.

Machine learning for insurance pricing

Insurance pricing with GLMs, GAMs and tree-based machine learning methods, construction of a GLM as a global surrogate for a more complex predictive model, the distRforest and maidrr packages

Sparsity with multiple types of features

Development of the SMuRF algorithm for the construction of sparse GLMs with muli-type features

Telematics insurance

Development of tools to analyze telematics collected data for insurance pricing